Year of the Fowl Mood


Original Magazine Mosaics by Shelley Schenker.


Waterfront Vacation calls for Water Fowl!  


Here’s another Guinea – so much fun – so bold. This one is 16×16.  

The Jax Chick

Oh dear followers, it finally happened. Life jumped up and bit me in my timeline. I missed my Thursday deadline by a day for a family “emergency”. Family will forever…
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WEEK 20 – Artsplosure Rooster

Happy Fowl Mood Thursday! It’s been such a rough week that I’m actually in a fowl mood tonight. It’s been quite a while since that’s happened. I had been keeping…
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WEEK 18 – Happy Mothers’ Day!

It’s not often that I get to explore my mushy side, but if ever there was an appropriate occasion, it would be Mothers’ Day. I consider myself incredibly blessed when…
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So this week my husband and I brace ourselves for the new reality that we are parents of an adult of legal drinking age. Since I’m constantly running around with…
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WEEK 16 – The Chicken Chair

Ever go to bed with that nagging feeling there was something you were supposed to do before you turned in? I DID make my Thursday deadline for finishing an original…
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WEEK 15 – Acworth Rooster

Acworth Rooster

This handsome fellow was started while at the Acworth Arts Festival in Acworth, Georgia. Working on one of my mosaics while at street festival is one of the best ways…
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