Year of the Fowl Mood


Original Magazine Mosaics by Shelley Schenker.


This is the artist’s equivalent of “short and sweet” – small and colorful!  

WEEK 30 – Proud as a…

This week had me delving into the world of the peacock. My friend and fellow artist, Jenny Ellis is busy putting together a Peacock Chair (one of her signature pieces)…
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Busy life, but I’m lucky enough to be able to take the time for my art and even my new little studio mates. This little guy (currently named “Shrimp” due…
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Enjoy  this leghorn acting like a foghorn. I love the look of concentration the roosters get when screaming out their wake up call. This was the first piece that was…
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Break out the Wine!

Celebration time – I’m half way done with the Year of the Fowl Mood. That’s 26 chickens, ducks, chicks and even some eggs – one every week of the year.…
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WEEK 25 

still by the water, still focusing on some waterfowl!