Year of the Fowl Mood


Original Magazine Mosaics by Shelley Schenker.

WEEK 41 – peek-a-boo

Time is flying by now. After this post I only have 11 to go! This piece is a tribute to Mother Nature’s awesome ability to let animals camouflage themselves. Look…
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Week 40 – Stand Tall

This is a Malay chicken. Not so surprisingly from Malaysia, like my little Serama which is the tiniest of all chicken breeds, the Malay is the tallest of all chicken…
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WEEK 39 – What the CLUCK?!

This is the visualization of how I have felt this week. A week full of turmoil, good intentions that pave my road to hell. Loss of sleep, stomach tied in…
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Busy weeks call for sweet little pieces. This lovely hen sitting in her basket reminds me of my little cockerel who nested in the dog’s bed while I was making…
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Love the colors of this rooster, especially the iridescent blue in the tail. It always fascinates me to watch the light play on black feathers which turn out to be…
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WEEK 36 – Hello Tom

I’m feeling fallish… This week I was visiting with my 90-year-old grandmother. It was so stinkin’ hot I felt like I was melting. All I could think of was bringing…
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