Year of the Fowl Mood


Original Magazine Mosaics by Shelley Schenker.

Week 52 – Grand Finalé

This is the largest piece I have EVER done. 80 inches wide and 32 inches tall ( I worked on a hollow core door). The secret here is that it…
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Happy New Year!

And the Year of the Fowl Mood comes to an end!   It’s gonna be a busy day – setting up for the big auction opening tomorrow – please check…
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Week 51 – Merry Christmas!

There are two holidays that make me think of turkey… and Christmas is definitely one of them! So, I hope all of you followers out there have a Merry Christmas…
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WEEK 50 – Last Leghorn

Well folks, as the year is coming to a close (after this one, only 2 pieces left to do!) – I can honestly say that my love affair with white…
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WEEK 49 – High Ground

Jersey Giant seeks higher ground…I must have a thing for blue wood – I just love this gal on her blue ladder. This is one of the few pieces that…
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WEEK 48 – Rosecomb

This chick is showing of her rosecomb – a cockscomb with tons of little nodules – it’s a little gaudy for my taste, but I think it works for her!…
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WEEK 46 – See light, Sebright 

Love these petite chix – their stance reminds me of my sweet Serama rooster, but gosh it looks like God traded his paintbrush for outlining in Sharpie markers! Watch for…
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Well folks, it’s week 45 (7 more pieces to go!)…the end of the year is looking pretty hairy – perhaps scary even! Looming on the calendar are the River Arts…
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