Year of the Fowl Mood

Going, Going…Gone

Happy New Year to you all! Today marks the day that the Auction Page opens up! At noon(EST) today (Jan 1, 2016) nearly the entire series is up for grabs! For several folks who have come into my studio and wanted one of these pieces, the day has been long in coming.  There are a couple things you should know about my auction.

First, I give the opportunity of minimum bids that are really quite minimal. That means there’s real opportunity to get a steal on one of these originals. The “Buy it Now” price gives you an idea of the true retail value I would price these pieces at if I were selling these traditionally.

Second, some people have wanted to claim certain pieces for a long time – so if you like a piece, you might want to claim it quickly by using the “Buy it Now” option, thus alleviating any auction induced anxiety.

Third, this auction is a true experiment. If things don’t run smoothly with the inner workings of the software, please have patience while I sort things out. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that nobody’s feathers get ruffled.

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