Year of the Fowl Mood

Week 52 – Grand Finalé

Grand Finalé

This is the largest piece I have EVER done. 80 inches wide and 32 inches tall ( I worked on a hollow core door). The secret here is that it took me far longer than a week, but I’ve had this piece going while finishing the others. Once the techno-family helps me compile the footage I will have the time lapse video showing this piece from start to finish. I had so much fun this year and am thrilled that I proved to myself that I really CAN  treat myself and my work in a professional manner. Talk about a change of mind set!


I thank all of you – my fans who continue to enjoy my enthusiasm for my work and these crazy birds!

Keep checking back here – the auction goes up tomorrow and runs through the end of February. Share with your clucky friends!

– Shelley

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