Year of the Fowl Mood

WEEK 35…Excuses, excuses….

image(Photo added 2 days later)

I’ll start by saying I HATE coming up with excuses, but as I sit at the table, a mere hour and half away from my weekly deadline, with just half of my current piece finished…I think I’ll quickly tell the story of this week rather than rush it and cheat myself the look I’m hoping to achieve. So, here’s my story (and I’m sticking to it)… First, I spent the week as a single mom while my husband, partner, and amazing dad was galavanting around Australia on business. I’m sure we could survive if I HAD to be a single mom, but it isn’t a pretty picture and I’ve become entirely too spoiled by having a teammate at hand. Second, while I like to believe I’m super mom and plan my days as if that’s the case, sometimes my body and the sands of time like to kick me in the teeth and remind me I’m just a human being – so, I picked an ambitious piece to tackle during a week packed with special events like taking Midnight the Rooster to my daughter’s 2nd grade classroom, multiple soccer games, gymnastic practices, meetings that I was in charge of, creating crazy Rooster accessories and more. I’m beat – so, I’m heading to bed (I get to snuggle since the Australia trip came to an end today!) – stay tuned in the next couple of days for the final version of Week 35’s Fowl piece – in the meantime, you can check out those pesky things that kept me from finishing it today!


New multil-layered chicken coopchick one of threeMidnight visits 2nd grade

chick two of threechick three of three three chicks

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