Year of the Fowl Mood

WEEK 18 – Happy Mothers’ Day!

It’s not often that I get to explore my mushy side, but if ever there was an appropriate occasion, it would be Mothers’ Day. I consider myself incredibly blessed when it comes to moms. My mother is my best friend, the first person I think to share an accomplishment, a bit of good news or a rant of disappointment. She’s the person I know will always be on my side and always has been. I’m not saying that we’ve never had our disagreements – though I don’t remember what they might have been about – I DO remember the terrible feeling I had in the pit of my stomach they come with. Knowing her steel trap-like memory, she probably remembers exactly every argument we’ve had – when, where, why and what we each said. She’s real reliable like that.

Mom remembers the details – I remember the emotions surrounding them. My favorite emotions to recall are those filled with laughter. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve laughed so hard I’ve had to run to the bathroom – sometimes I don’t make it. Laughter is one of those things I cherish most – and I love to share it with my Mom.

I’ll be with Mom this Mothers’ Day – I usually am. This year we’ll be “working” an art show in one of Atlanta’s suburbs. As with many of my outdoor, white-tent festivals, my parents come and we make a weekend of it. We all have our roles. Mom is the sales force. If you make the slightest bit of eye contact she will reel you in and razzle dazzle you with the plethora of information about me, my art and why you should take something home with you. It always sounds so much better for Mom to brag than for me to do it. With her help and enthusiasm for my art I make two to three times the sales than when I do a show alone.

So, in honor of my Mother – my best friend, therapist, baby sitter, nurturer, sales force, bar tender, comedian, security blanket – and much more… I made this one for you. Happy Mothers’ Day!

Mothers day chick


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