Year of the Fowl Mood


So this week my husband and I brace ourselves for the new reality that we are parents of an adult of legal drinking age. Since I’m constantly running around with my 7-year-old there’s no end to the “Wow, you have a 21-year-old”. I’ll have you know I hold onto those remarks like a lifeline as I realize I look like I have smooth skin, sans wrinkles only because I forgot my reading glasses in front of the mirror.

In honor of my “little guy” becoming a “big guy” – and knowing that he and his friends will be out celebrating and burning the fake ID – I dedicate this week’s FOWL to him. May he always remember to drink only TWO times a year…On his birthday, and when it’s not his birthday!



And to my brother – who’s also celebrating a birthday this week, this one his first birthday as a single guy in eight years…I’ll be HE resembles this cocky guy in the morning as well… love you!

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