Year of the Fowl Mood

WEEK 16 – The Chicken Chair

Ever go to bed with that nagging feeling there was something you were supposed to do before you turned in?

I DID make my Thursday deadline for finishing an original work of art this week – but somehow it didn’t quite get posted until 3am Friday morning – when I woke up in that “oh sh*t” moment…

Well, let’s not lament my personal failures, but instead get to the cool new W.O.A. This piece needs a little explaining – the newest artist in the building where my studio is, Jenny Ellis, is a master chair artist. She finds orphaned chairs and turns them into stunning, unique centerpieces for the home. She has found a wonderful boutique furniture store in downtown Asheville, NC (where we live) called K2Studio that carries her chairs and she can’t seem to make them fast enough before they’re selling out – and she’s pretty fast! You can see Jenny’s work at

So, Jenny and I are talking one day (every day – all the time) and she shows me a chicken chair that she’s pinned on her Pinterest Board. The seed was set, we have been hatching up the idea of our own chicken chair ever since. You might remember WEEK 11’s “Poultry Pillow” post. That was my first attempt at trying something on material – with the chicken chair in mind. It was a successful attempt at using cloth, but the results left me less than enthusiastic. I found that rooster to be very cartoonish – not at all like my art, bringing us back to the main question:  how to use magazines and protect the paper in a way that is useable on furniture. We conquered that challenge with Iron-on Vinyl, a product that has been around for years. It fuses to the paper and material (we used canvas) and makes it pliable, waterproof and totally functional for chair upholstery. I found a great orphaned chair for our grand experiment –

first chairWe cut out some plain canvas which I hand-dyed to give the impression of a background color that wasn’t a plain solid – to resemble the way the backgrounds are in my art.dye job dye job 2
Then the work began…

In process 1
In process 2
In process 3
This hen ended up overpowering the little orphaned chair, but Jenny had the perfect solution…a grander chair! big chair back
big chair
Here’s the chair with the art to give perspective – can’t wait to update with the finished chair!big chair w:material

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