Year of the Fowl Mood

Barnyard fowl? Really?

So what’s all this about barnyard fowl? Are you moving to a farm? Did you have an epiphany on which really did come first – the chicken or the egg? Or perhaps you had a Come-to-Jesus moment at Chic-fil-a (careful they might close for the day and pray in your honor if He appears in one of their locations)…

My hands wave back and forth and I wipe away the diet soda that  threatened to spew but instead just dribbled down my chin (ppshh – I wouldn’t  be caught dead at a Chic-fil-a!). The truth is I have never spent any quality or quantity time on a domestic farm or around domesticated animals unless they were suburban house pets. Actually there were some chicken incidents in my childhood but we’ll talk about those some other time. No, I’m just an artist at the beginning of my artistic journey and I’m standing here at a crossroads trying to figure out who I am and what I’m all about when I look down and along comes a chicken and without seeming to put much thought into it all,  … it just …crosses the road.

My shoulders give an unaturally large shrug… And I begin to follow.

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